Petra – Lesvos

The Municipality of Petra is situated to the northwest part of the island. It is consisted of the villages of Petra, of Lafiona, of Skoutaro, of Stypsi, of Ypsilometopo and of the summer resorts of Anaxos and Petri. This Municipality is 55 kilometres from Mytilini.
Petra is a seaside village built in the middle of a green plain, which according to tradition, it was the Achilles’ anchorage during the war of Troy.
Before we take down the hill, on our way to Petra, we have the chance to admire the view over the village facing the open sea, decorated by the wide beach, the rich vegetation, the cultivations of the villagers and the chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the “Glykofilousa”, situated on the top of a high rock in the middle of the village